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I didn't mention it, but theme customization is also available for #Pixelfed.
Don't hesitate to share your new themes with us. We will add soon a theme page in with screenshots. They will be suggested for import.

Windows still blows out the bootloader on update?! That's been an issue since Win8 when they moved to UEFI boot :/

Giving a spin.. So far so good. Been a keepass user for years now :o

Really want to trash the FB account too.. But currently the only way to stay in touch with a handful of people.. Why isn't there a replacement that *everyone* uses yet. There's so many alternatives but nothing as widely spread. Arghhh

Finally deleted my Twitter account (:

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@dansup I thought I was losing my mind, or no one liked my stuff! 😂 Good catch

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Managed to snap this Tui just chilling in the tree. Unfortunately only had my 50mm on me!

1/200 f/8.0 50mm ISO100

#800D #Tui #Wildlife #Nature

Diving deep into terraform, k8s and helm. Wish me luck!

Just discovered geeqie. Super fast image viewer, easy way of culling crappy RAWs before loading them in darktable

@proto Same here - Assuming it's a v3.0.0 thing as it's only happened post upgrade

Figured I needed something for when I have downtime + to keep my mind engaged so bought a Kobo Libra eReader. It's pretty awesome so far

@serra Aren't most of them from CBD vapes or off-market juices though? That seems to be what I've noticed

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