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I didn't mention it, but theme customization is also available for #Pixelfed.
Don't hesitate to share your new themes with us. We will add soon a theme page in with screenshots. They will be suggested for import.

Giving a spin.. So far so good. Been a keepass user for years now :o

Really want to trash the FB account too.. But currently the only way to stay in touch with a handful of people.. Why isn't there a replacement that *everyone* uses yet. There's so many alternatives but nothing as widely spread. Arghhh

Finally deleted my Twitter account (:

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Managed to snap this Tui just chilling in the tree. Unfortunately only had my 50mm on me!

1/200 f/8.0 50mm ISO100

#800D #Tui #Wildlife #Nature

Diving deep into terraform, k8s and helm. Wish me luck!

Just discovered geeqie. Super fast image viewer, easy way of culling crappy RAWs before loading them in darktable

Figured I needed something for when I have downtime + to keep my mind engaged so bought a Kobo Libra eReader. It's pretty awesome so far


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